Full Circle Discussion

In addition to our full circle plan I wanted to put this out here for our community to discuss and understand where we are at.

Very Banking FDV at time of writing is 1.7M, circ is 510,000. This is due to the 99.5% supply reduction. We are now effectively an insanely low cap DeFi protocol which has raised 0 money. In order for us to succeed we need our community to realize the true value of Very Banking and support our vision through spreading awareness and holding $VB.

What we will need from the community:

We are relying on the community for a few things:

  • Contributing ideas for gaining mass adoption
  • Spreading $VB and ownership to everyone
  • Establishing relationships with other likeminded projects
  • Raiding/sharing posts on twitter

What we will do:

  • Rebalance liquidity (aiming for this week)
  • Clean up and update current deployed assets
    • Add responsive interface to ownership claim portal
    • Integrate WalletConnect to dashboard
  • Continue to build out the banking framework (ux, smart contracts)
  • Scale development as market cap increases

Information on our first revenue generating banking asset:

Very Banking Index Fund

We are creating a product to make it easier and safer for new investors to enter the cryptocurrency market. The current market is cluttered with low-quality options, making it difficult for new investors to make informed decisions. Our solution is designed to help banking customers use $VB to invest in high-quality projects through the VBI (Very Banking Index). This index provides customers with pre-selected tokens for long term investment.

Revenue Generation Models:

  • A small fee will be charged to use the index faucet contract
  • A small fee will be charged to submit an application to be on the index list

I think after rebalancing liquidity a lot more eyes will be on this project, I’ve had a lot of people tell me the project looks good but the FDV scares them. Once that is fixed, I think shilling this will be 100x easier.


So much wow, nom nom