Improving liquidity and setting us up for growth

Ok guys here is the update. Upon really thinking, the legacy proposal I had originally come up with it wasn’t sufficient enough for the goals I set out to accomplish as a memefied multi-chain DeFi protocol. I really had to rewind everything over the last 2 weeks and take the time to think about how to structure our project so we can move forward and actually dedicate building full time while actually being able to set timelines.

Banks need liquidity, $VB is a bank with very little so we need to address that first things first. We also need to scale the dev team and establish a plan to get this out to the masses. Banks are failing in the traditional world and now is a great time to strike however, the way VB is structured from a tokenomic standpoint isn’t setup for us to succeed properly.

• Our goals are too lofty.
• Our scope of work is too big.
• Our market cap is too small.
• Our dev resources are limited.

My plan to fix these issues is to:
• Modify the economics slightly
• Increase liquidity at set price milestones
• Set an accurate budget to dedicate on-going dev

Eager to see responses and will continue to further the proposal tomorrow with some numbers.

Increase liquidity as the $VB token price increases in value instead of injecting liquidity at sporadic times or making it readily available at any fixed price range. This motive encourages people to “HODL” to price milestones where they can exit with minimal volatility while newcomers can be confident in price sustainability when they contribute to liquidity at future levels.

Liquidity Price Points

# VB Max VB Liquid Injection Liquidity Raise $ Liquidity Raise ETH Val
1 0.010 250,000 $2,500 USD 1.5 ETH~ $1,000,000
2 0.100 500,000 $50,000 USD 29 ETH~ $10,000,000
3 0.500 1,000,000 $500,000 USD 294 ETH~ $50,000,000
4 1.000 2,000,000 $2,000,000 USD 1,176 ETH~ $100,000,000
5 1.500 4,400,000 $6,600,000 USD 3,882 ETH~ $150,000,000
6 3.000 8,000,000 $24,000,000 USD 14,000 ETH~ $300,000,000
7 6.000 9,750,000 $58,500,000 USD 34,411 ETH~ $600,000,000

25,500,000 Liquidity Tokens

Target Valuation: $600,000,000 (Full Circ)
Rational for Valuation Target: Approx half of AAVEs current FDV

This model makes the price of $VB appreciate easier at the beginning and then transitions into a stable blue chip asset as market cap increases and product is developed. Development will become more rapid as we pass milestone 3 as the team can then dedicate full time to the project and scale the team. Prior to milestone 3 we will primarily be focusing on brand awareness and partnerships.

Roadmap based on milestones met will commence in the next post.