$VB restructure plan


In order to succeed in today’s market, it is crucial to be flexible and distinguish ourselves through uniqueness. We must understand that the market is constantly evolving and what worked in the past may not necessarily work now. As a DeFi project that is community-driven and aims to revolutionize the banking industry, we need economics that align with our mission and rely on the support of the community to raise awareness.

What We Propose: (Subject to change)

  • Drastic reduction of total supply to cut FDV further
    • Reduction from 50,000,000,000 to 2,000,000,000
    • Brings valuation to $16,000,000 ish FDV - $140,000 ish circulating (1.15%)
    • Inject 10% into V3 liquidity but spread across entire range
    • Forfeit liquidity keys
    • Allocate 10% to tVB faucet & loyalty bags
    • Remainder allocated to OTC funding development vested (78.85%)
    • Renounce ownership of $VB contract
    • Deploy all DeFi assets on Goreli with community testing/auditing before mainnet launch
    • Release banking modules in stages onto mainnet
    • Deploy bridging last

These changes will make $VB heavily undervalued. Aave, Compound, Curve, etc are all 200+ FDV projects (even in current down market) providing very generous upside for all Very Banking token holders. By making these changes we expect our community to help us spread awareness and ownership of the protocol. To this day, we have extracted 0 capital from the market and we only want to take capital where and when it makes sense. Being multi-chain will require a 100m+ valuation so we have to collectively get there.

Let us know your thoughts.


community testing before renounce pls🙏


also what happens now to the ownership cliams and ownership points how does that plug in?

Ownership is handled with a different smart contract so no interference there :sunglasses:

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Amazing proposal! Full trust in the team and excited to see what the future holds.

  1. Does the OTC funding development include marketing as well as development? (may be a silly question)

  2. By drastically cutting back the FDV I’m assuming it will make it much harder to get to the 100m+ valuation to go multi-chain. Can you explain why this is the case?

  3. Besides for community support and tVB loyalty incentives what do you have in mind to help us get to this 100m+ valuation?

Appreciate all the hard work crunching these numbers :triumph: :smile:


Just realized when I replied my internet cut off :joy:

  1. We will include marketing in this allocation but we also will need the communities help on how to deploy that capital.

  2. It will be much harder as we will be starting at a very low cap with no previous/initial fund raise. We are making a big sacrifice here by entrusting the community to be in charge of holding and helping us increase the valuation in order for us to gain awareness. If people just dump the token, we won’t be able to raise any capital.

  3. We are looking at creative ways to incentivize sharing.

    1. More community involvement
    2. Explore some viral marketing
    3. Unique initiatives
    4. Integration partnerships
    5. L1 grants

Hope this clarifies from a high level. These answers will evolve as time elapses and we continue to progress.